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SyncPod for Mac makes it easy to transfer songs, movies, TV shows, playlist, photos etc. from iPod/iPhone/iPad to your Mac and into iTunes. This powerful iPod transfer also allows to copy your media files in iTunes library or stored on Mac to iPod/iPhone/iPad, even if the device (except iPhone) is not linked to the iTunes library. Moreover, it features support for directly copying DVD movies and virtually any format video&audio to Apple devices.
1. Transfer iPod files to iTunes Library
Media content on Device and iTunes library will appear in two side-by-side iTunes-like windows. You can freely drag music (individual or albums, playlists, artists, genres, rating), videos, photos, and more to from your device to iTunes.
2. Copy Media Files to Device
Like but more powerful than iTunes, it allows to copy your media files iTunes library or stored on your Mac to iPod/iPhone/iPad without erasing the content, even if the device (except iPhone) is not linked to the iTunes library.
3.Copy DVD movies to Apple device
With a simple drag and drop, you can now rip and transfer DVD movies onto your Apple device. Let this smart transfer wizard do the task and you just enjoy those fantastic movies on the go.
4. Expand Your Media Library
SyncPod greatly expands your iPod media library by enabling you to access any format video or audio stored on your Mac, like downloaded AVI movies and home videos to Apple device.
5. Sharing Made Easy
You can now share gems easily by copying media files from any device to your iTunes library, including DRM protected files (iTunes purchases), or transferring files from your iTunes to your friends' iPod and iPad.
6. One Step iPod Backup
With one simple click, this powerful transfer can backup iPod/iPhone/iPad media contents including music, movies, TV shows, photos, e-books, audio books, to iTunes/Mac. Keep those important files safely on your Mac.

Laguna Azul

Laguna Azul
1 ¼ onzas de vodka
1 ¼ onzas de curacao azul
Preparar en vaso alto provisto de 2 a 3 cubos de hielo.
Completar con limonada

Refresco de lima-limón

Refresco de lima-limón. Es una bebida refrescante que cuenta con zumo o extracto de lima y limón entre sus componentes. Su combinación ...